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November 12, 2003



Do the gains disappear after you have stopped with the pills?

The Regular Guy

I don't think so. The gains are supposed to be permanent. And I haven't experienced any regression.

Great result, there!
3mm for a three month!
By the way how do you measure it so precise?

Actually if you go back and look. He started at 140mm so it's a 12mm gain in the 3 months. This is very close to the results that I am getting although I am about a week 1/2 behind in the program. I didn't add the PE until about the same time though. I still stick with my theory though that the pills haven't added the length, only the "pump" and ease of erections. They are great for that but so far I don't think they meet their advertised claim for increasing size. The PE definately gets things growing in the right direction though.

Im sorry to see gains are not coming as quickly for yo uas there are for me, I took your advice some weeks ago about ProSolutionPills and have been using their program religiously and have gained 1.1-1.2 in erect length and 0.8-1 inche in girth as well. The hardness of the erection usually means 1 to 2mm difference.


seems like you just need to find a routine and stick with it. From everything I've been reading while searching through the forums provided and one not provided is that pills w/ exercises is the way to go. Pills by themselves just increase bloodflow and stimulate the nerve endings. Thus, why the gains stopped. With exercises it seems that people who just exercise get minimal gains for 3 months and then get good gains from month 3-6 and continue after that. For those that take pills and do exercises it's kind of like lifting weights and steroids, you get what you want quicker. The pills help the exercises and the exercises help you gain.

I'm already up a half an inch and 0.45 inces of girth in just 3 weeks. As far as volume, that is a whopping 35% already. When thinking of volume the gains are awesome. Pro Solution only claims that the "system" gives the proclaimed gains. They don't say that just the pills do and even if you only order a one month bottle you'll get access to the exercises.


What person in their right mind would think this was a real site - everything stinks of a con - even the really transparent "hey, I am just a regular guy." My ass you are - what types of regular guy has Mensniche a real hard sell outfit as a sponsor - it's not just that there's money be to made in these pills, there sure is, ut's the nasty way these bogus pill people advertise and indirectly clog up the internet with their spam. I say indirectly because they will deny doing it themselves - but they will sell the unlabelled "product" to anyone (to market under their own label): hmmm that sounds like a responsible company! This site gives the internet a bad name... "regular guy?" Tonight when in bed think of the lies you are telling or remove your sponsor to show you really are a regular guy...


I think people are overreacting. Yes, he gets money if people order with the link on the right, who cares. If he was trying to pull a scam he'd be saying he gained like 3 inches in length and 2 in girth already. He's going to make money on that link on the side, but who really cares if he does. Does it bother you when people post on a forum and in their signature put a link to some thing where you sign up, let a thing run ads and they make money off of you if you sign up? It's the same difference and you aren't being forced to order anything. When all is said and done, someone will buy pills if they want to buy pills. They will pay the exact same amount that they would have otherwise paid without clicking that link, but instead of the mfr. getting all of that he gets some.

So how exactly do you define the word scam? A scam is like you sell something on ebay, the guy pays you using paypal and says he has some brother in the phillipines that it is for, you accept the money from the unconfirmed address and then they back out and screw you out of your money and your product.

The Regular Guy

OK, I'm closing the comments again.

The reason I closed them in the first place was because I was sick of hearing people complaining that this blog was a scam. I've already addressed that issue in previous posts:
08/09/03: http://thepill.blogs.com/thepill/2003/08/real_guy_vs_spa.html
10/29/03: http://thepill.blogs.com/thepill/2003/10/no_more_comment.html

Did I delete a few noisy comments about how this was all spam? Yes, because they were getting in the way of people asking questions and sharing experiences. I'm keeping one noisy comment in here because I don't want to delete beginner's comment on the subject.

Believe or don't believe. Click on the links or don't click. The primary reason for this blog is not to make money--it's to share my experience.

Please research other pills and exercise programs. Please read the other discussion forums I've talked about. Then make your own informed decisions.

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