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October 06, 2003


Bill Perkey

I had the same issue on week 6. It seemed like they really had no affect on arousal. I've been very good about taking the pills regularly. I'm careful to avoid caffiene and alcohol so I know I'm giving it the best shot to produce something. This is the first full week that I added the exercises.

Arnold Smith

What a load of rubbish - if you have a small penis (whatever that means)DO NOT buy these quack remedies )=pills. I am a doctor, and I know patients who have a serious problem called "micro-penis" (their erect state is barely two inches - if that) and yet many have great sex lives! Some don't, some do - people who have large penises have bad sex lives, some don't. It does NOT matter - your site makes it seem that it is important. This site is the saddest scam - and quite nasty!

Who said anything about a quick remedy? This is taking forever, lol :D
What kind of doctor are you? A psychiatrist perhaps? One specializing in helping men come to terms with their lack of... ahem.... size? Losing your revenue a concern? Otherwise, why don't you refute some of the fascinating medical evidence presented both in his posts and the comments on them that suggests that increased blood flow over a long time (particularly when combined with certain simple exercises) can enlarge the tissue of the penis in a lasting way. Then you might sound a lot more like a doctor and a lot less like a troll. Otherwise, maybe you could just lurk like the rest of us and see what develops.

Arnold Smith

No I am not a troll and I am a real doctor - there are bad doctors, pompous ones, good ones all types. There are ones who believe in alternative medical treatments - because they DO work, and thoe who dismiss everything! Putting aside the fact that this page is clearly a sponsored page and very dubious (as as the so-called scientific facts you mention, I shall note this. Can you tell me (from logic if not medical knowledge) how a "pill" (in fact phramacists do not call them "pills" - they are in fact "tablets") can know which part of the body to "enlarge?" If a "pill" can indeed make the body grow (and there are hormone medications for specific disorders) it would not be able to tell which part? - areas of the body (such as lips, nose, ears, all served by blood vessels and so on) would increase in size also. How on earth do you think a "pill" knows which part to make bigger? Yes certain organs and glands have certain chemical "components" which could react to targetted medication - but with growing muscle and tissue (which is ALL over the body)it is simply not possible. Not because I say so because I am a pompous doctor - but because it is a physical fact! I wrote in an everyday way in my first e-mail so I would not be accused of being a pompous doctor - now I see what a scam this page is.

Arnold Smith

And by the way - I am in a country who has little private health care - I get paid by the state. I do not make money from patients directly - I am not a psychiatrist but a general practioner who has specialised in several areas. And I was talking about pills - to exercise a body part etc. is a different matter. Still you will not listen as (as I say) this is sponsored page - I must be very stupid to even enter into these fake discussions.

The Regular Guy

Doctor-- I assure you that this blog is not a scam. All I am doing is chronicling my journey through this experience/experiment. I'm not a scientist nor a doctor, so I can't answer your questions. All I can tell you is the truth, which is being documented in this blog.

And my intention is not to trick people into thinking that a larger penis is important and to buy the products. It's solely to share my personal experience and thoughts. In fact, my thoughts on "Why?" are shared in a previous post.

Your comments are appreciated and welcomed. Thanks.

Arnold Smith

Well at least thanks for that - I am just a little woried about people (really desperate people) being conned and sending ££££ or $$$ to people who just pray on their worries. That's all.....

Thanks for your considered reply

You might want to look at the posts where one or more of the ingrediants is chemically similar to that of viagra, which has effects which are quite concentrated in increasing blood flow in a specific region :)
I suggest you also consider the role that greater bloodflow in the penis combined with stretching exersises (which the blogger has said he will begin) could play in increasing the amount of erectile tissue in the penis.
For a far larger base of information, I strongly encourage you to spend an hour or two reading the forums at thundersplace.com and the previosly mentioned peforums.net (though it is IMO inferior in terms of content). I would really like to know what conclusions you draw from tundersplace.com.

Arnold Smith

But I repeat (as have others elsewhere) - there ARE tested medical drugs which DO work in certain circumstances(you mention one: Viagra - but that is not designed to enlarge the penis - just make it work, sometimes).

I still need to ask why someone should sell these pills via dubious means or at very least on the internet and not through normal pharmacies - why are they are internationally licensed for the drugs companies to make millions from? Pharmacies (drug stores) sell all manner of "cure alls" of limited effectiveness, so why not these "pills."

As for one component POSSIBLY being close to Viagara - I shall point out that Viagara does not principally increase the size of a penis - that is not its function. Secondly, one of the components of viagara is (like other tablets) CHALK - so it is a big jump to say the "penis pills" contain some special medical ingredient. If the pills did contain some genuine medically effective ingredient, the pills would have be licensed for drug use. So: why do they not go and arrest the pill makers (for it is a crime to sell un-licensed drugs) - the reason why is that they have no components capable of doing harm or indeed anything - herbs, chalk and sugar. Herbs can be used to treat medical conditions - but just because some do, it does not mean they all do....

As I said, I'd be interested in your thoughts on the information and results achieved by the people on the forums I mentioned above. Honestly, most of them aren't using any supplements at all but rely entirely on specific exercises -- which, while some companies charge money for 'special' exercises, are generally available for free, so there's no real basis for saying it's all a scam.
I didn't say that viagra increased the size of the penis, merely that it helped to increase blood flow to that area.

Arnold Smith

My comments are mainly directed towards the pills - NOT the exercises. The pills are so obviously a scam that I do not know why you mention them....

I don't know why you don't address the fact that several of the ingrediants have been shown to improve arterial flow and may be linked to blood flow in the penis specificly. That, in tandem with exercises (which are what the manufacturer recommends) seems to support the notion that this program as a whole will lead to enlargement of the tissues of the penis. Your arguments, at this point showing a lack of any supporting evidence besides your supposed expertise, which is unsubstantiated at this point as well, are beginning to seem pretty trite. Surely someone who has completed medical school has some experience with providing evidence and references to support their argument.

Arnold Smith

Your comments are typical of those whose "wish to believe." Evidence? Well the onus of proof is on the pill makers -for I am not claiming to "cure the problem." I am simply pointing out that doctors would make billions of dollars if they could achieve what these bogus pills claim to achieve (and many doctors would love that, I'll admit that!) - it is up to the pill producers to show that these pills can ever make make your penis bigger (not that it really matters). Your reply shows what a stooge you are... Cheap herbs, filler and a huge mark-up! I am not perfect, I am willing to learn from alternative medicine, am willing to look at anything - but it still needs to be proved to work - not just claimed to work, from websites which are out to make money...

Ask yourself -- what would it take to prove this works? I think the answer is for someone to conduct a real scientific study on these products and put it to rest. Considering the vast amount of money that these apparent 'scammers' are making, you'd expect that someone at a reputable research univsersity would have taken care of this long ago, but as much as there are those who wish to believe, there seem to be those who can't overcome their unwillingness to believe -- or, I think more prevalently -- those who can't overcome the social stigma of the subject in order to have meaningful dialogue about it in the first place.

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