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October 20, 2003



I've got to small cock.

Jack Savage

Hey RG, congratulations on your very interesting blog, and moreover on your concise, ingenuous and to-the-point writing style. It's good to see people have such strong views on penis size (what, with all the other things in life we have to worry about!). And thanks for the link to Penis-Health. I have a large penis but since I too am always seeking self-improvement, I'm going to start the exercises too! Why not if you can have the following with just 7 minutes a day (not to mention that I can add a curve; but I'll have to ask around to see if I should do that).

*Rock hard steel like erections every time you have sex.
*Ability to get an erection on demand every time.
*Make her gasp when she sees your penis for the first time.
*Enjoy the ability to give her and yourself multiple orgasms.
*Your new penis will finally reach the elusive "G-Spot"...

Given the debate on your site and your results so far, I would ditch the pills and stick with the exercises. Anyway, it's your call.

Good luck!


Is your girth really 6 inches? Seems big to me but maybe that's because of what I am used too! Can anyone tell whether a 6" girth is large or average?

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