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October 13, 2003


Bigger than average?

I have been told that I have a bigger than average penis.

I haven't measured it properly but I do know that there are certain positions I can not use because I go in so far it hurts my wife.

When ever we do "doggy" style I have to be very careful or it hurts her alot as I go in so far.

This is also the case with her ontop.

Being "large" does have some drawbacks. I can't really go to town unless using the missionary style else I case my wife unbearable pain.

Trevor Haward

You sad bastards! I have a tiny penis! I am fat! And yet I found this great girl - we laugh - we have great sex. You sad fuckers, spening $$$$ on bogus pills - get a life - just change your attitude - it worked for me!


I say do not use the exercises. Like you said earlier, this should be a controlled experiment. Throwing in exercises adds doubts as to whether or not the gains actually came from the pills or from the exercises.

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