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September 12, 2003



Having just found your blog, I have to throw out a few comments. You say you want to increase your size to about average. You started at average. Somewhere along the last 30 years of Kinsey questions and sex surveys, someone decided that 6 inches was average. It's not, it's actually a little lower.

The chinese wrote about herbs and exercises to increase penis size over a thousand years ago. It's certainly nothing new. If it worked, don't you think they'd have passed those secrets on?

A vagina is very adaptable, so size differences are mostly for looks, and ultimately it's how it looks to you, not to a woman. You see it from an entirely different perspective than we do. Believe me, it's bigger from our angle.

For some reason men have come to think that length is more important than girth. A womans vagina mostly feels pressure. The feeling of fullness is yummy, and far exceeds the attraction of getting your cervix banged into. You've got the girth, and boy does that make a difference ;)

A mondo penis is all for looks, an 'average' one gives much more control. If it's porn star big, you have to be more careful while having intercourse, unless your woman has a porn star sized vagina. Slamming into a womans cervix is a sure way to ruin the mood, it's like, well, it can be as debilitating as getting smacked in the crotch. If you want to go deep, there are plenty of fab positions. That way you can snuggle yourself in as far as you want to go, without her experiencing the pain of being poked.

You'll get more 'self-improvement' out of reading some good books on cunnilingus, sensual massage, and being a good lover, than by taking pills. And you can pass on that information on to friends and lovers. Spending time telling them that you took penis enlargement pills isn't going to get to have the same effect as giving a great foot massage. Talk about getting a woman to play into your hands.

As for women and breast enlargement, I think many women do it for the same reason that men try for penis enlargement. They think it's a quick fix for poor self esteem. Yes, I have few flat-chested friends who went up a cup size so their clothes didn't hang on them, and it improved their outlook greatly.

But a lot of women actually believe all the media that bombards them with 'you won't be truly happy until you are skinny, and have big tits at the same time' (breasts are all fat, you lose the fat, you lose the breasts). I'm in LA, and scrawny women with boob jobs are a normal occurence at any gym. It makes sense that a crappy body image is not going to be permenantly fixed with a pair of salt bags shoved under your skin.


OTHER men may be obsessed with increasing the size of their manhood, but not me. I'm perfectly content with my 18 inches.


Mmmm.. if breasts were all fat, it'd be pretty hard to breast feed kids. What would come out, liquid lard? Fat does make up a certain proportion of a woman's breasts, but the major feature is the Mammary Glands, not fat.
Just thought I'd butt in there and correct you. :P


No, that's not entirely accurate, Joe. Mammary glands aren't all that large. That's why women with flat chests are able to breastfeed. They expand when a woman is lactating, certainly, to accomodate the milk. But the larger the breasts are, the greater the proportion of fat in them. Fat is what makes breasts large, lack of fat is what makes them small.


Ok, you guys have turned this blog into a geeky discussion :)

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