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August 12, 2003



I know it's an incredibly personal thing to ask, but the burning question (no pun intended) is: have you noticed increased sensation during sex like the instructions claim?

And does it list the ingredients on the bottle? I'm curious what's in this stuff!


Oh no! You must, you MUST post photos! Otherwise this becomes just a word exercise.


no you musn't.


Picture are very important documentation. You might be making a mistake by passing on the exercises, though. After reading your page I looked at some other options and the exercises, without pills, seem the most likely to produce a result from a biological standpoint. I'll be interested to hear of your progress. Check this site with before and after pictures. Are they fake?


I'm not so sure those pictures are faked, but they ARE misleading. Notice how the before pictures are taken further away and at a different angle? The angles account for at least some of the seemingly larger penis size, plus it might not even be the same guy.


I downloaded the picture and cropped the "before" picture as best I could so that it only showed the same length of torso as the "after" picture. The penises look like the same dick but the "after" shot is definitely much bigger than the other in proportion to the guy's torso. So that leaves three possibilities: the exercises worked, they are different guys, or the photos have been doctored.
The second set of pictures are even more suspicious. The "before" guy has his hand covering almost half of his penis which makes it look much smaller. The "after" picture has him pinching the base which will make his dick harder and bigger. Also his hand is not covering any of the shaft. It also looks like the same dick, though.


"...you want more size then you should continue until you get the size that you want."

Attack of the 1000 inch penis!




Does it say that when you quit taking the product, the results stay with you?


i wanna kno if that shit works cuz i started doin exercises, cuz i didnt wanna pay money... if it works i might be tempted. although my 7" isnt bad but i want a GUN!

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