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August 20, 2003


Great site


this site is very interesting. i've always wondered if these pills worked or not.


It sounds to me like the list of ingredients might make you tingle and swell a bit. If nothing else, there's some fun in that, right? Does this product actually claim that it makes a permanent size change, or just does the size change only occur as long as you're still taking the tingly-pills?

The Regular Guy

The product claims that the changes are permanent.


No Comments!!!!!!! :))))))

Precision Blogger

A number of the ingredients of these pills have absolutely no known side effects; there's a good chance the reason is that they have no effects at all. Some do have side effects, dosage concerns, and concerns when combined with other things. I got the following info by seaching for each ingredient's name plus "side effects". While doing this reading, I could not guess why some of these ingredients were included, as they seem rather irrelevant.

If you are diabetic, it's probably really risky to take these pills.

Several of the ingredients of your pills are stimulants. Keep an eye on the rate of your heart beat; are you sleeping as well as usual?

A number of the ingredients will do nothing if you are eating certain foods, see below for examples.

This is an ingredient in Viagra. It's probably the only ingredient that might conceivably have something to do with your intended goal.
Can reactivate a quiescent Herpes infection. If you have a psychosis (and it sounds like you don't), it can worsen your symptoms.

Can cause your blood pressure to drop. Maybe not a good idea to combine this with stimulants.

Vitamin C can interfere with the absorption of ginseng. If you take a vitamin C supplement, wait two hours before or taking ginseng.
In addiiton, there is a long, log list of known side effects. Google "Ginseng" "Side effects" to see them.

Zinc Gluconate:
When zinc combines with certain foods it may not be absorbed into your body and it will do you no good. If you are taking zinc, the following foods should be avoided or taken 2 hours after you take zinc:
Fiber-containing foods
Phosphorus-containing foods such as milk or poultry
Whole-grain breads and cereals
Symptoms of overdose
Chest pain; dizziness; fainting; shortness of breath; vomiting; yellow eyes or skin
Other side effects not listed above may also occur in some individuals. If you notice any other effects, check with your health care professional.

- The Precision Blogger


I wouldn't trust what the manufacturer is saying regarding ingredients. You'll be happy to know there is more shit in your pills than probably any of the ingredients they list: http://www.pharmacist.com/articles/h_ts_0350.cfm


Been using the site and their pills for 3 months now, following everything they said do and although I have not seen 3 inches gained in length I have seen 1.8 inches in length (measure same way every time) and just over an inch increase in girth.



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